This story was originally published in 2003 in the anthology Buttmen 3, for which payment was never received. Since West Beach Books can’t claim ownership of a property it never bought, here’s the story for free.

From Behind

“Buy you a drink?”

I turned to look at the man who’d sidled next to me at the bar, giving him a five-second appraisal. He had the face of a bull terrier. The body wasn’t much better. Broad shoulders and nice arms, but those were no abs of steel. His belly was spilling over the waist of his jeans.

Probably was a nice guy, but inner beauty isn’t what I look for in a trick I meet at a bar. I was about to politely decline when another patron in he bar walked up, slapping the stranger beside me on the shoulder. “Eddie! How’s it hangin’?”

“Excuse me,” the guy—Eddie—said with an apologetic smile, revealing his crooked teeth. He turned to chat with his acquaintance. That’s when I saw Eddie in a whole new light.


I pulled his buttocks apart, letting the light shine in his hidden cavern. There was a thin brush of dark hair, and beneath that, barely visible, was the dark tan lips of Eddie’s asshole. My thumb toyed with the slightly-puckered opening of his ass-lips. Slowly, Eddie gyrated his hips, letting out another moan. Under my breath I sighed, “Oooh, yes.”

From behind, Eddie was a god!

Those broad shoulders tapered down to a waist that was surprisingly narrow from this view. And just below that waist was one of the most delectable asses I’d seen in recent memory. Full, firm and shapely, it commanded my full attention. My eyes riveted to Eddie’s backside, I tried to picture that butt uncovered and imagined what I’d do with it when the jeans came off. My filthy musings quickly diverted much of my blood flow to my cock.

I slowly traced my upper lip with the tip of my tongue as I marveled at Eddie’s ass. I glanced up just in time to see his friend smile and wink at me. Blushing, I turned away.

Eddie, no doubt tipped off by his friend that I’d been fixated on his ass, cut his conversation short and returned his attention to me. “Sorry about that. That was just a guy I know from work. So, about that drink?”

OK, so I have my weaknesses. I accepted his offer. He ordered our drinks, then offered his hand. “By the way, I’m—”

“Eddie. I overheard. I’m Carl.”

We shook hands, a businesslike way to begin an evening we both hoped would end in carnal nastiness.

When the drinks arrived I’d suggested we move to a quieter corner of the bar. What I meant, though, was a darker corner. If I needed to talk with his front to get to his backside, so be it, but that didn’t mean I needed full-illumination. For what it was worth, Eddie was, in fact, a nice guy, one I think I could become friends with. But I didn’t want his friendship, I wanted his ass, and I wanted it as soon as possible. After fifteen minutes of small talk I steered the conversation in a sexual direction. I did it without saying a word. Scooting my chair closer to his, I placed a hand on his knee and slowly moved it up his thigh. When I made contact with his hard-on Eddie forgot what he was saying.

“Uh, w-where was I?” he asked, flushed.

I hadn’t been listening. “I think this is where we decide if it’s your place or mine,” I said.

We settled on mine. The door to my condo had barely shut behind us before we were rubbing against each other, our hands frantically groping. I closed my eyes and kissed him. My hands went straight for his butt, giving the rigid rump a hard squeeze. Eddie grunted, rubbing his bulging crotch against mine. He kneaded my ass as well, gripping my smaller, more compact butt with as much enthusiasm as I was gripping his. Briefly, I considered the possibility that Eddie might be a top, in which case our evening together would be fucked (so to speak). I quickly dismissed this thought, though. With an ass that nice, Eddie had to be a bottom.

We moved into my bedroom, shedding clothes as we went. I was just about to step out of my briefs when Eddie stopped me. “No, let me,” he protested, pressing against me. He pinched my stiff nipples, first with his hands, then with his crooked teeth. As his mouth traveled over the ridges of my torso, I saw another possible problem: Eddie, it seemed, was primarily interested in my front.

He pulled down my undies and started circling the head of my hard cock with his tongue. It felt pretty good, there’s no denying that, but I had other plans. “Wait,” I said, pushing him away. “Uh, how ’bout I give you a back rub?”

Eddie gave me a curious glance. “I’m sucking your dick but you’d rather give me a massage?”

“I give very thorough massages,” I said, raising my eyebrows suggestively, hoping he got the hint.

He shrugged. “Whatever.”

I told Eddie to take off his underwear (plaid cotton boxers; no surprise there, somehow) and lay face-down on the bed. When the boxers came off I saw that in addition to being blessed with a lick-your-lips ass, Eddie also was generously hung. Maybe later, I thought, admiring his long, fat cock before he climbed onto the bed and lay on his stomach.

I quickly joined Eddie on the bed, straddling the rise of his buttocks, my balls resting on the small of his back. Just feeling his butt cheeks beneath me made my dick quiver. Leaning forward, I gave Eddie a fairly perfunctory back rub. He made noises like he enjoyed what I was doing, but he had yet to experience my true skills.

As I rubbed and kneaded the flesh of his back, I scooted down to the tops of Eddie’s thighs. My stiff cock was now pressing against the groove of his ass. That got the pre-cum flowing. Eddie let out a low moan. He spread his legs a little bit, inviting me deeper.

A pool of my juices had collected at the beginning of his dark crevice. I dipped my fingers into my thick pre-cum and massaged it into the round hills of Eddie’s ass. My fingers traced the crack of Eddie’s voluptuous butt. I could feel the soft, downy hairs beneath my fingertips. I put a little more pressure against this dark divide, nestling my index finger between the warm cushions of Eddie’s ass cheeks, tickling the coarser hairs that surrounded his hole. Just touching those hairs made my heart quicken.

I pulled his buttocks apart, letting the light shine in his hidden cavern. There was a thin brush of dark hair, and beneath that, barely visible, was the dark tan lips of Eddie’s asshole. My thumb toyed with the slightly-puckered opening of his ass-lips. Slowly, Eddie gyrated his hips, letting out another moan. Under my breath I sighed, “Oooh, yes.”

Next thing I knew my face was buried in Eddie’s butt. So instinctual was my action that I couldn’t attribute my decision to dig into Eddie’s ass to conscious thought. Like breathing, I had to do it.

My face pressed into his furry trench, I inhaled Eddie’s scent. Smelled like he’d actually given his butt a spritz of cologne. Tell me he didn’t know what his best physical feature was! Blending with this spicy fragrance was his own natural musk. Pulling my face away, I examined, close-up, the nuances of his sphincter —its darker hue, its tiny folds radiating out from a set of thin, tightly pressed lips. They were lips I had to kiss.

I gently grazed Eddie’s butthole with the tip of my tongue, moistening those closed lips. This elicited a few purrs from Eddie. I kept up this tender licking for a few minutes, letting Eddie enjoy the erotically relaxing sensation. But I was merely taming the wild beast before the kill. Without warning, I stabbed my tongue past the barrier of his sphincter and into the black cave within.

“OH, MY GOD!” Eddie howled, his body shuddering. His left leg kicked several times.

“Want me to stop?”I teased.

“Jesus Christ, no,” he sputtered, raising his ass up to my lips.

I tucked into his hole like it was a juicy cut of steak. My tongue swirled around the moistened petals of his rosebud, then plunged inside, reducing him to a quivering mass of Jell-O.

Eddie burbled something about sucking my cock, so we got into the sixty-nine position, with him on top, his butt in my face. I curled my arms around his thighs and set to work, fucking his hole with my tongue. Eddie’s tongue traced the veins of my dick. He licked my cockhead like it was an ice cream cone.

For a moment, the pleasure of his mouth on my cock paralyzed me—then turned me into a ravenous animal. As hungry as I was for his ass when I first tasted it, my appetite had now increased ten-fold. I dove back into his furry channel, pulling at his ass-hairs with my teeth, gnawing at his tender bud, shoving my tongue into his juicy chute.

The noises in the bedroom filled the condo: Moans, groans, heavy breathing, slurping. I moved my fingers to Eddie’s asshole, working the tip of my right index finger past his spit-lubed sphincter. Louder moans and groans. My left index finger joined the right one. His cock drooled pre-cum onto my chest. Carefully, I tugged his ass-lips apart. “Oh, god-DAMN!” Eddie howled before stuffing my cock back into his mouth.

It was my turn to howl. Eddie was trying to suck the come right out of my balls, and was damn near succeeding. If I let him keep at it much longer he was going to get quite the healthy mouthful. Yet, as appealing as that was, I had definite ideas about where I wanted my dick to be when I finally shot my load.

I roughly pushed him off me. “What’cha doing?” he giggled.

I wasn’t as playful. “I want to fuck you,” I said, my voice dead serious.

Eddie didn’t question my intentions (thank God I didn’t get any bullshit about him being a top). He rolled over onto his back. “Grease me up.”

I grabbed a bottle of lube out of a drawer in the night stand. “Other way. On all fours.”

He did as I said, pressing his face into a pillow and hoisting his smooth, round ass into the air. I crouched down to swab his twitching hole with my tongue, getting one last taste before I prepared to ram my dick into him. Eddie trembled. I could feel his butthole contracting against my taste buds.

“Fuck me,” he gasped.

I continued to tongue his asshole, torturing him with my slowness.

“Shove your cock up my ass,” he begged.

This time I obliged; Eddie wasn’t the only one being tortured.

Squirting lube onto my fingers, I got Eddie all “greased up,” as he’d say, easily slipping my fingers inside his waiting butthole. I could feel his body twitch as I hooked three fingers into his chute. He made some noise that sounded like a cross between a moan and a sob. I couldn’t deny him—or myself—any longer. With surprising agility I reached backward for the night stand drawer while still keeping my fingers plugged in Eddie’s butt. Fumbling for condoms, I nearly knocked the lamp off the table before snagging three packets out of the box.

I pulled my fingers out of Eddie’s ass long enough to get my dick covered and lubricated. That done, I moved against his ass, sandwiching the shaft of my cock between those warm, fleshy buns. Subtly rotating my hips, I ground my sheathed dick against his anxious hole. Even with the rubber on, it felt pretty damn good, and it was driving Eddie crazy. “Fuck me,” he pleaded desperately, pushing his ass back against my teasing prick.

Finally, I relented. The head of my cock nuzzled his slippery ass-opening. Though he’d been well primed, it took a little effort to get my tool inside Eddie’s ass. Gripping the base of my dick, I leaned into him, forcing those succulent ass lips apart. Eddie sucked in his breath as the tip of my cock poked into his hole. I hesitated, my cock just inside his hole, listening to our heavy breathing. At a deliberate pace I eased the rest of my cock inside him, savoring the feel of the walls of his ass as they pushed against my stiff dick.

When my cock was all the way in, with my pubes brushing against the groove of his ass-crack, I began to fuck him in slow, short strokes. Eddie groaned and gripped the pillow. He pushed backward, meeting my forward thrust. Clamping my hands onto the globes of Eddie’s butt, I started to ride him more forcefully, pulling my cock almost all the way out of his hole, then plunging all the way back inside. Eddie bucked and jerked as I plowed into his ass, babbling obscene nonsense into the pillow.

I leaned forward, my torso resting on Eddie’s back. We were both coated with sweat, our bodies creating the occasional farting noise when they rubbed together. It was almost funny, except both of us were too fucking horny to have much of a sense of humor. I really started hammering Eddie’s ass now, brutally driving my cock into him. The mattress creaked loudly and the bed frame shook ominously. Eddie was all squeals, grunts and agonized groans. For a moment I eased up, afraid I might be hurting him. Reaching beneath him and gripping his dick proved otherwise: He was hard as steel and drooling pre-cum like a faucet with a worn washer. I cupped my hand beneath his cockhead, collecting a small puddle of his dew in my palm. My other hand tugged at his left shoulder, making him lift his face off the pillow long enough for me to roughly cup his homely face with my other hand, the one full of Eddie’s juice.

As Eddie slurped and nibbled at my hand, I slammed into his ass with all the tenderness of a rabid Rotweiler. My dick pounding against his prostate had him in such a state became unable to say whole words: “Fuh — shove eh uh muh ahhh! Fuh meh!” For a moment, I pictured his face as it must’ve appeared now: slick with his own pre-cum, the nostrils of that big, bent nose flared, those too-narrow eyes scrunched into wrinkled slits, those too-thin lips quivering to form coherent words. Strangely, that mental picture, for all its harshness, pushed me over the edge. My hand returned to his dick, stroking it as I bounced up and down on his ass. “Like that?” I hissed in his ear. “Like getting that sweet ass of yours fucked? Like it rough?”

Eddie’s breathing became shallower, his moans more urgent. When he came, he cried out like he’d just been stabbed. Ropes of thick jism fired out of his cock, splattering the comforter. I managed to pump my cock into Eddie’s sweet hole a few more times before coming with such force that for a moment my vision blurred. My dick, gripped by Eddie’s sphincter, throbbed against his ass-lips as it pumped its hefty load.

We collapsed in a heap on the bed. My cock stayed buried in Eddie’s butt, lingering there until it started to go soft. Holding the base of the condom I carefully withdrew and went to the bathroom to throw it away. When I returned to the bedroom Eddie was stepping into his shorts.

“What’re you doing?” I asked.

“’Spose you want the rest of the night to yourself,” he said. Experience, apparently, had taught him not to expect to stay till sunrise.

When I first brought Eddie home I’d hoped he’d leave this quickly and this quietly. Now I was asking myself if I wanted him to leave so soon. He was no fashion model, that’s for sure, but was that really reason to discard one of the hottest asses I’d ever fucked? Was I that shallow?

I was, but my cock was blind.

“Wait,” I said, stopping Eddie before he reached for his pants. “Stay.”